Sex Tips: 5 things to note before attempting penile enlargement (18+)

Too many men are in the quest to get larger penises and it is not surprising.

For most men, the performance in the bedroom is tied to the size of the penis, and they then feel insufficient and inferior when they rightly or wrongly assume they have a small penis.

It has cause many men to take desperate measures to get sex, leading to irreversible injuries in some situations.

Well, if you are one of those that want it bigger, you just might need to read this before trying anything funny:
1.      Natural penile enlargement drugs are 99% fake/dangerous. Many of the drugs sold on the internet for penile enlargement actually contain some harmful ingredients that can give you serious problems. Some are not dangerous but will not do what they are advertised to do, a spoof meant to steal your money. In either case, you lose because a small penis is better than a damaged one.

2.      Surgery work but is not a first choice. Doctors can surgically give you a larger penis. But this is only needed where you actually have a micro-penis. Otherwise, please, don’t g rushing to the doctors because the risks are great. You might lose its function entirely.

3.      Some technique for penile enlargement can lead to permanent damage. A search on Google will lead you to many people who suffered bizarre, permanent damage that excludes them from sex forever. So look before you leap

4.      You may have a grower penis. Sometimes, you think you have a small penis but you actually have a grower penis. A grower penis is one that looks small before erection but becomes very large on stimulation.

5.      Having a larger penis doesn’t guarantee better performance. Just as a trailer may not be perform better than a Ferrari beyond carrying more weight; a big penis may not outdo a small one. For many women, its skill over size.

In conclusion, you should know that men who know how to use their organ well, no matter the size, often please women better.

Also, being able to use foreplay techniques, including oral sex, will help you be better in bed.

So be careful as you go running after a larger penis.

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