3 secret reasons why guys give oral sex…3 reasons why they won’t (18+)

Oral sex is becoming more popular among the younger folk these days.

The pleasure of that sex act – debased and intimate, is unequalled by any other form.

Both the person giving and the person getting it enjoy oral sex to the maximum – better than they might even find the mundane, regular sex.

More and more guys are willing to offer it to women, as opposed to the past when men loved to get it but will dread the thought of giving it.

Below are three reasons why guys give it

  1. Oral sex experience allows men to appreciate the female body. During oral exploration, the guy gets to touch, explore, feel and savour his woman’s body.
  2. Oral sex allows men to cause a woman to be pleasured and watch it at the same time. Watching the woman moan and react is a joy to watch and oral sex gives an opportunity to get just that.
  3. Oral sex helps bring erection. Many men regain erection by giving the woman a quick oral stimulation. That is double rewards.
If you are not getting it, here are three possible reasons:
  1. You have odour. No man will put his mouth around smelly genitalia, unless he’s getting paid in millions. Clean up and get it.
  2. You are not willing to give back. If you have been holding back from him, he will not consider giving you oral sex. Be a giver and you might get it back.
  3. You judge him. If you have been judging his sexual choices and performances, he will not be confident enough to try such an intimate thing.

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