You will laugh at this photo of Prince Charles examining a female soldier’s boobs!!!

Prince Charles caught in the act!!!  Like Terry G, maybe he wanted to “test the microphone.” Hehehe! :D

The tabloid photographed Prince Charles as it appears as he is about to use his hands to fondle a rather well-endowed female recruits boobs after she and her company were ordered to stand at full attention for the Prince’s courtesy inspection.

Uniform roundness and firmness? Now that is sexually funny!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMA

Prince Charles defended his actions by claiming he was merely attending to what the Royal’s refer to as a “historic hands on quality control inspection of her Majesty’s troops.”
“It’s all rubbish! I just wanted to see if suppliers were scrimping on good quality woolen tunics and merely checked for woolen fabric weight and proper military fit.”

Hahahahaha! His excuses are hilarious! :D while doing a troop inspection ant Gladsdown Military Base in Southern England.

What do you think? Was Prince Charles focusing on what he said he was? Or was he focusing on the boobs? No need to ask of my own opinion, you already know my answer. Hehehe! :D What about yours?

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