Will the government tell us they don’t know where these girls are or where they are taken? The truth about this girls kidnapping is that I believe it is used as a political weapon against the Jonathan government because since when Jonathan has been in power there have been the issue of Boko Haram.

Will they tell us that there was no security to interview about the abduction of these girls or the head of the school cannot be questioned about the incident, I think we Nigerians don’t hit the nail at the head, new prefer the side if not  all this should have been done.

When the girls were kidnapped didn’t any villager or person saw the path they took or where they pass and didn’t raise alarm, this is nonsense because the governor of that state and its cabinet are just there, they are what I describe as “figure-headed”.

If Boko Haram can pass through the thick forest, why can’t soldiers be deployed there to  save these  girls.

The issue of United States of America, Great Britain, France and other countries  offering to help is the case of the devil saving us from him. The VIDEO WHICH WENT VIRAL ON NET IS A SCAM

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