MMM gets 5 useful tips for restoration of smooth running

Letter to MMM & her Administrative for consideration to several issues and problems encountered by Nigerians.

Participants of popular Ponzi scheme MMM Nigeria, have been given useful tips on how to address several issues which is hindering them from running the business smoothly.
Since the return of the scheme on January 13 after a month break, confidence in MMM has been declining with participants facing numerous problems on payments.
We the real general Nigeria public participating in MMM platform has deemed it necessary to urge MMM
& her administrative technical crew to apply the following model operation to our Nigeria MMM platform to save us from stress of contacting the SUPPORT or CRO of issues that are avoidable.
Henceforth, MMM & her administrative technical crew should permanent the following details on each participant profile so that once a new member is registered and supplied his/her details, it will remained permanently and no changes or editing will be able to carry out as the details will not have a means of editing or will be permanently installed in your PO, for this reason anyone interested in MMM will supply all genuine details...and no idea of changing will come to your mind because you knew already you can't edit any information after registration.

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