Senate President says Social Media bill dead is on arrival

Senate President at the Social Media week in Lagos.
Nigeria's Senate President Bukola Saraki said the frivolous petition bill seeking to gag social media users is dead on arrival.

The Senate President stated this during his speech at the Social Media Week in Lagos. He said the National Assembly believes the social media has a role to play in the development of Nigeria.

He said section four of the frivolous petition bill won't even be considered if at all the Senate will consider the bill.

"The frivolous petition bill, just like every other bill that
must go through process should be something Nigerians should not fear. Let me tell you, Social Media must be allowed to play their role" Saraki said.

Even though the Senate President said that for everything, there is good and bad, he assured us that the bill is dead on arrival. "We should not waste our energy on that bill. It will not go anywhere. Let’s join our hands together and better the lot of Nigeria."

Saraki said in the next years to come, he doesn't know who the next Senate President or Speaker would be, he added that with partnership, people in governance will appreciate the role of the social media.

"With social media, there is now accountability. 40 years ago when my father was Senate President, things he could get away with, I cannot get away with it now because of the social media."

The Senate President said politicians are more accountable now with the advent of the social media adding that for the first time, “We engaged civil societies to deliberate on the budget and over 400 participated.”

Their contributions and quality of their analysis was impressive. In 2017, there will be public hearing on Budget. That is why we want the budget to be sent on time so that more Nigerians will be involved.”

On his trial by the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Saraki said it was persecution because he declared his assets in 2003 and the Code of Conduct Burea cleared him.

"In 2003 I filled my form and 13 years later when I emerged Senate president the issue arose. The issue is not about me being corrupt because there is a letter from CCB that my form and declaration was okay. The matter is in court and won't go further than that.''

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