Product to tighten vagina goes viral in Senegal

A Chinese product meant to tighten vagina and give women a sense of youthfulness and a renewed virginity has gone viral in the West African ‎country of Senegal, reports said on Tuesday.

The product, known as Niin Batt is being sold in Touba, about 175 kilometres from the Senegalese capital of Dakar,‎ French website,‎ reported, quoting L’Observateur.
Niin Batt is sold for about $5‎ and is being used by many young women, including prostitutes who say they now provide better sex to their patrons.
L’Observateur quotes a prostitute as saying, “Since I discovered this product, I no longer complain. My patrons are satisfied and that makes all of us happy because when a man is satisfied, he easily empties his pocket for you.”
Marketers are knocking on doors to advertise their product, the website said.‎
‎Their argument is that with Niin Batt men have the feeling they are sleeping with a virgin woman with a tight vagina.
But some doctors are warning that the product could be cancerous. 
But prostitutes dismiss such fears, claiming that they have consulted some gynaecologists who certified Niin Batt as safe.
“To show you how good this product is,” a sex worker says, “I have a client who always calls to ensure that I have the product.”‎
Whether it causes uterus cancer or not, Niin Batt is in vogue in Senegal and both men and women seem to appreciate it.
Original story in French ‎
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